The Sun and the sea. I finally update the site.

Long time without updating the website. I have been working a lot in the production company and in the shibari/kinbaku workshop`s. Not in Madrid anymore. Can’t wait to start traveling again.

Eroteric is working better and better. Every month we sell more than the previous one and every day the ratings and comments are more positive. We are also learning a lot and shotting better and better. Today, two years after getting the BlackMagic Cameras, I can say that i know the camera and can get good results from it.

I used to say you need a year to learn how to use and know properly a photo camera. Two years for a cinema camera, it is.

The last months of therapy were really hardcore for me. Worth it but a lot of things moved inside. Still dealing with some traumatic things but at least knowing a lot more about everything going on inside my head. Unfortunately, you need to be rich in this country to be able to afford proper therapy with a proper specialist.

I stopped drinking red bull (totally), coca cola (99%, I may drink one per month if I need to drive and I am tired) and most carbonated drinks. We got vaccinated like a month ago (team pfizer) and we mostly spent time with close friends during the last months.

In Madrid shibari we stopped focusing in new students and put our effort in teaching the students we already have, and the results are impressive. Proud of them. They are starting to do beautiful things, they have decent lines and tie offs and they start to understand the aesthetics of japanese rope.

I am more and more decided about my old project of traveling around the world. Seriously considering a 70s-80s-90s mercedes unimog for it.  Would love to read opinions about this. It seems like the most logical option. I would love a land cruiser 79 with a cell but they are insanely expensive. Wintermute is still trying to convince me how good are the Vario’s. I am still not convinced 😛

And I started doing pictures again, and i want to do more. Starting to understand how the Sony α7 III works. Now that we have slightly less work (false, we have more opimized workflows) we can maybe play with it a bit more.

I used it the other day and took some pictures for Margout OnlyFans (that is on fire after her new Suicidegirls set was launched). Here you have some samples. The place was an amazing “recent” (700k years old) lava flow that was covered with lapilli and pyroclastic materials, and then washed out by the sea, forming amazing natural pools.

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