We are trending video in ManyVids :)

And with a SFW video, and in the BDSM section 🙂

We have been working a lot in the Eroteric website in the last weeks. And we are starting to grow a lot in the platforms we are using, specilly in Manyvids, where we currently are in the top 30 bdsm performers.

The videos are selling well, and every day the website is getting more and more visitors.

And today we found that one of our videos went viral. It was an experiment into the Vore category. It is called The Library of Horrors, and it happened the same that happened with Margotzilla. We did an experiment, trying to have fun, this time with Liz Rainbow, and the people loved it.

It is a very absurd story involving tiny people that are tortured by two giant girls: Liz and Margout. They are reading two very usual books while the tiny people massage their feet, but they do it so wrong that they take revenge in very original ways 😛

You can check the trailer at our Eroteric website if you are curious about it. It is safe for work (but the rest of the web is not!)