Welcome to the start of the end of the world.

The start of the year has been quite busy. We are working a LOT in our new project, our video production company. Last days were non stop editing, conversion, google sheets, Resolve and photoshop. I am starting to be proud of the results. And my friends know how difficult is that. I finally found a raw color correction workflow that works better than ACES. And we are shooting with good friends and even better performers.

I am not paying any attention to social networks anymore, they bore me a lot. I will keep updating them, but less. And i will leave whatsapp and stick to telegram. I suggest you to do the same. My resolution for last year was not to give a shit about other’s opinions and i am getting really used to it. Best decision ever (after buying a 2400 bauds modem when i was 15)

We are in Canary Islands. The weather is crazy, it is raining to a point that the swimming pool overflowed. The temperatures in spain are droping like never before.

We will start teaching shibari again soon. And I am tired of this pandemic that we deserve. I want to travel more. And see my friends all around Europe. And make new ones. And create content with them.

Every day I like less people. but the few people I like, I like them more.

Here you have a picture of Parque del Retiro today:

I also wrote some things in Instagram that I want to keep, because I am sure this blog will last longer than instagram.

Unpopular opinion.

2020 was not a shitty year. 2020 is not in the past. 2020 doesn’t even exist.

What happened in 2020 was the result is a lot of shitty decisions we made as humans. Was the unavoidable consecuences of not respecting and taking care of our world.

Everybody is blaming 2020 as if it was a conscious entity. Everybosy is acting as if it was over and tomorrow everything will be wine and roses.

I have bad news.

As long as we don’t acknowledge our mistakes and realize that the current model is not working, this is going to be worse and worse every year. Viruses won’t go away, water will be scarce, climate will continue changing, inflation will make everybody poorer…

Stop blaming a number. I know negationism is a trend and having a hidden occult power to blame makes us feel better and less responsible.

But it is not going to work.

Happy 2021 🙃

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