I didn’t expect it at all.

I always thought I would be the one asking her. I imagined a million scenaries for it. Some super beautiful place. Maybe under an aurora in the arctic circle. Maybe diving in an exotic place. I wanted it for a very long time but as always, I believed I was not yet ready. So many things to fix and to solve in myself before considering me worth of it.

It is ironic where and when it happened. Today, 29 march 2023, in the center of Madrid, after therapy. Not the most beautiful place in the world, definitely not the most romantic. I was sitting at a bench at Sainz de Baranda. Margot arrived 10 min. before she was supposed to. She tells me she loves me a lot, and very nervously reaches to her backpack and opens a small black box showing me the most beautiful ring in the world. Then she asked me if I wanted to marry her with tears in her eyes. Was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

I know now that she has been carrying it with her for a long time, looking for a moment to ask me. But today happened something very special that allowed it. I was talking with my psychologist and doing an exercise related to how my life would have been if i could talk to my young self and warn him about some people that invested a lot of time on hurting me in the past. And after the exercise I said “I have a conflict”. Because if I could travel to the past and avoid meeting these people I will also alter the chain of events that allowed me to meet Margot. And I will go happily through all that again if that means meeting her again. And then everything made sense for meand was clear.

She had her therapy session after me, and at the end of the session the psychologist told her about my answer (we allow these things), and she ran to the street, arriving 10 minutes before she was supposed to the bench I was waiting for her.

We went through a lot of things. We had good and bad moments. We stood together against the most intense storms and blizzards, phisically and metaphorically. Every single problem we had with each other, every attack towards us, every situation that we were not able to handle, every sickness, every death and every fight, we used them to become stronger, to evolve together and to try to become better persons. I never had this with any partner. You helped me deconstruct myself a million times. You were there for the good things but even more for the bad things. You are not my rock, you (we) are one million times stronger than the steel that this ring is made of.

Yes. Of course. Until the end of time.

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